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4120 La Jolla Village Dr
La Jolla, CA 92037

7AM to 5PM, M-F

The Center

Our Mission

At Outpatient Surgery Center of La Jolla, we are committed to making a substantial contribution to our community by improving the QUALITY OF LIFE for our patients, staff and surgeons.

Quality of life to our patients means providing a cutting-edge environment and accessibility to the best minimally-invasive technology, all in a patient-friendly environment. These factors combined provide a better quality of life to our patients by returning them swiftly to activities they enjoy and/or need to do on a daily basis.

Quality of life to our staff means providing an environment that they enjoy, and empowering them to make a difference. We want our staff to be proud of “our” center.

Quality of life to our surgeons means providing them the most work-efficient Surgery Center and the best service available to them and their patients. The surgeons’ input is valued and, therefore, the best equipment and technology is available, which allows them to provide the best outcomes for their patients.


  • Passion (Commitment & Hard Work)
  • Teamwork (Attitude & Accountability)
  • Trust
  • Balance


  • Pioneer – Truly impact our industry.
  • Technology – Pursue and offer the best and most current state-of-the-art technology for Surgery Center operations.
  • Reputation – Continually pursue means so that patients, staff and surgeons say, “I want to have my surgery at OSCLJ, or I want to work at OSCLJ”.
  • Profitability – we must be profitable to sustain our long term community impact.